Frequently Asked Questions

Is the building still a church?

Yes, we are a Baptist church affiliated to Salt and Light Ministries. We hold a church service from 10:30am every Sunday.
The church wanted to make the building accessible to all members of the local community as well as a place of worship which is why we are able to host weekly classes and groups, children’s birthday parties and events and functions.

What is included in the space hire?

The church is a dry hire venue. Tables and chairs are available for use at no additional charge. We also have children’s chairs and tables which are mainly used for children’s parties.

To see details of these please take a look at this link to information on our hire spaces.

Our main hall includes a built in PA system and also has a built in projector and theatre lighting. This is available to hire at an additional cost along with a technician to operate them whose time is also charged for. We also have small mobile PA systems that can be used by customers directly in all our spaces.

For details on the equipment available please see this link.

Due to sound restrictions and complaints from our above neighbours we have be very wary of noise levels in the rooms. For this reason we ask that only our amplified sound is used in the spaces and that any recorded music should not be played too loudly.

The small hall space has a partitioned wall which can be removed to make the space larger at an additional cost.

Do you offer food and drink as part of the hire?

We do not provide any food or drink catering for hires, but both the small and main hall come with an accessible kitchen. You are welcome to hire external caterers, or do your own catering.

The ground floor kitchen is suitable as a base for function catering with two industrial ovens, 8 gas hobs, microwave and instant hot water. Fridge and freezers space can be made accessible upon arrangement.

The small hall kitchen is suitable only for limited serving of prepared food and include a small oven, microwave, small fridge and instant hot water. Please note that the small hall is not suitable for consuming food or drink inside so we ask this is done in the kitchen or the crèche space if hired.

Is Alcohol allowed?

Alcoholic drinks can be served or sold (sales requires a temporary event licence). There are no corkage or bar charges. We are unable to provide glassware for functions and events so please bear this in mind when planning your hire.

Are we allowed to put decorations up?

You are welcome to decorate the halls provided that the decorations are put up and removed within the booking period and that no changes are made to the structure, electrical services, fittings or existing decorations of the space.

Do we have to clean the spaces after use?

Yes. Your booking time is inclusive of all setting up and clearing away so please plan for this when arranging your hire time. The church does not offer any cleaning services for bookings.

Brushes and mops are made available to you and the main hall and a vacuum is available to use in the small hall and crèche.

If you spill anything in the main hall or crèche, put clean it up straight away with paper towels or ask for a mop at reception. Should you spill anything on the small hall carpet, please inform reception and use the stain removal box in the kitchen.

How do I book a space?

For regular bookings or event and functions hire, please email
For children’s party bookings, please contact reception at 020 7034 0500 or email

Provisional reservations can be held for a few days, bookings are confirmed by payment of a one third deposit.

Can we hire the spaces for Sports/Ball games?

No sports/ballgame activities can take place in the church due to safety issues and our halls not being suitable or insured for such activities.
Exercise classes are welcome, provided that no outdoor footwear is used in the spaces and activities should not be high impact (sprinting, high knee jumping).

Can I have a Wedding here?

The church is a registered venue for Christian marriage ceremonies. The church ministers can legally marry Westminster and Kensington and Chelsea residents with a registrar present to issue the marriage certificate. Please contact the Chris Thackery to enquire about this

If you wish to be married at the church by your own minister, or if you live outside of the church area, the agreement of your local registrars and Westminster registrars must be obtained. For further wedding information please get in touch.

Please note that we would be unable to hold reception events beyond 18:00 due to limited staff availability.

Do you host baptisms / child dedications?

As a Baptist congregation we practise baptism for adults and children old enough to make their own decision about faith. For babies and younger children we celebrate their arrival in the community with a service of dedication.  For further information contact the minister.

Can I have a funeral or memorial service here?

If we can assist, please contact Chris Thackery to enquire about this

How is my data stored?

Please see this link to our data privacy statement