What We Believe

We believe that God made every person to be in a relationship with Him, and this relationship is made possible through the life, death and resurrection of Jesus Christ.

We believe that God asks each of us to partner with Him in bringing hope and transformation to individuals and to society.

We believe that every human being is made in the image of God. We believe that God desires to know all people without exception, and through Christ, has shown endless kindness towards all people. We believe He loves everyone with an equal passion.

As a community we meet to express these beliefs. We express our love for God through intimate worship, which we do together as we gather but also as individuals we commit to follow and serve Jesus in our everyday lives.

We engage in the community around us at every level, to express God’s love in a hands-on way that sees us offer practical projects and initiatives that bring good news and hope to our world.

We believe in a God who exists as a community we call the Trinity; one God united as three persons Father, Son and Holy Spirit. We believe God wishes us to be a community too, to hold honest relationships with each other. As a church, we are committed to one another, to be open to, to share with and to care for others through social activities, small groups, gathering together to worship and through genuine friendship.