What We Believe

Good News!

God is loving and good! He created people to be his perfect family, and he made a beautiful world for them to flourish in. But humans walked out on God. This ruined our relationships with God, ourselves, other people, and even the planet. It’s impossible for us to sort it all out. But God acted. He came to the Earth as Jesus Christ. He lived, was executed and rose again from the dead, to begin the process of putting everything right. That’s still going on now and he’s going to return to complete it, making everything perfect, joyful and good.

If we decide that we’re sorry for all the wrong we’ve done and trust God, choosing to live his way, he’ll forgive us and give us new life. He’ll make us more and more whole inside, and fill us with his Holy Spirit. We become part of God’s family. We also become part of his rescue mission: he helps us to invite other people into his family, to build loving relationships, and to transform the world with his love, justice and goodness.

Knowing God, following his ways and sharing in his mission is the most wonderful life anyone can have!